The psychology behind happiness

The psychology behind happiness

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Anonymous said: hey i love this blog if you posted more it would, like, make my life so much more liveable. I am fascinated by psychology! where do you get your facts? I love learning about psychology and things like this!

Hi, thanks so much! The posts are written by me, but the information comes from university lectures and my psychology text book. I’ve also started borrowing books from my uni library (at the moment I’m reading ‘the biology of homosexuality’), so if I find anything interesting, I’ll be sure to post it :)

sage-power-deactivated20130526 said: Keep posting stuff! This is great! This blog is way better than "psychological fact: if a tear comes out of your right eye, its a tear of joy. If it comes out of your left eye, its a sad tear" I'm pretty sure that's not true. Where's the data to back it up?! Keep up what you are doing:D

Thanks, I tend to focus more on my personal blog but I’ll definitely make an effort to keep this up. Haha, oh gosh. I doubt that has any evidence, but yeah; it’s kind of surprising what people will believe. On that note though, I will do some research on crying and my next post will present the (scientifically sound) facts.

Thanks so much for the support x